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Zelda Plot Bunnies

Where Zelda plot bunnies are provided with much-needed frolicking.

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Many a writer has faced both writer's block and an onslaught of ideas known as "plot bunnies." Most of the time, plot bunnies are never fulfilled and usually just sit there in the corner of a writer's mind, slowly rotting away. This community exists for writers to post the plot bunnies they just can't start/don't have time for so that other writers may adopt them. It's also a great place to get out of writer's block.

Fun as this is, remember to read and follow the rules at all times and stay on-topic. We'd like to keep this place relatively peaceful and Zelda-y for all to enjoy.

Your current mod is impa, who is usually available to answer any and all questions or comments you may have via PM or comment.

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